The World Is My White Board

Location: Bmore for the Moment, Maryland, United States

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The World's Party

So let me ask you a question. Where can a person feel great after not taking a shower in 4 days? Oktoberfest 2004! It all started with a plan, “hey, let’s go to Oktoberfest,” said Sangiv. “Okay, how do we get there,” I responded. After some initial research, Sangiv concluded that we could get to Munich by train for 220 Euros or 275 Euros to fly. One might think either would be a bit expensive for a student budget, and that would be our conclusion. So, how does one get there? The solution is Drive! It’s only 10 hours from Marseille to Munich, 100 Euros in tolls, 140 Euros in gas, 288 Euros fee for a rental car for the weekend. Why not? Split that 5 ways and you’ve already taken into account your accommodations as long as you get a big enough car. End results, we rented the biggest mini van a European car rental agency had to offer… a Renault 5 seater with a lot of head room (the car resembled an Aztec with head room; there is no real such thing as a European big car).

Our first night in Munich was spent sightseeing at night, due to the fact that your hero’s shift was relieved sometime in Switzerland (a Canadian was driving). So when we finally found the fair grounds we parked on a quiet street, about a 15 minute walk from the tents (sometimes 10 to 15 minutes longer at night after you’ve gotten lost due to the immense celebration). So we slept four in the car and one in the trunk. I’m sure the neighbors loved us as we groomed ourselves on their street and used the bushes as our toilets. Anyway, we typically woke up around 8:30 – 9, got coffee, and made our way down to the beer tents around 9:30. The first day I didn’t know what to expect. As we walked down the hill and approached the beer gardens we began to hear chanting and cheers. I felt as if I was a spectator at a European football match. Once we entered our first tent I was amazed at how many people had the same plan to get shit-faced before 10am (I can’t even imagine the square footage of the tent, one tent holds approximately hold at least 15,000 people). I’m glad we got there early, once 10:30 came around people were not allowed in the tent, full capacity, wall to wall people. After randomly meeting a few friends (Dave Holland, Jen Mib French, and Bryan Riemer), we proceeded to turn on the beer valves and find the sweet spot where all the problems in the world fade with each beer consumed. So needless to say, we all had a good time. I will not go into details but there are some funny and embarrassing pictures. PLEASE GO TO (my roommate’s website, check out all the places and the Oktoberfest movie!) I’ll have a website soon but I still waiting for the internet at my apartment. After partying with Italians, Germans, Americans, Canadians, Swiss, and the Spanish (notice I didn’t mention any French, they must have been cowering in a corner somewhere), I realize that Oktoberfest is the largest multi-national/cultural fest in which I was a participant. I must say, I represented the United States well (check out the picture of me singing with the stick). If I write anymore you people wouldn’t read this message so I’m stopping here.