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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Deal or No Deal

I love Deal or No Deal! In my opinion NBC has found a game that resembles Millionare's mass audience and world wide marketability.

How will the English Howie Manel look and sound like? He will probably sound something like this... haba shabba shabba habba shabba shabba (inside joke).

How will the French turn a good product into an obnoxious round table discussion with six separate hosts talking about themselves?

Will the Japanese pull blades out there pockets looking to commit suicide if they end up with the penny in their case?

Actually the big question is where is the online game on Why has NBC neglected the full interactivity with the GEEKS like me?


104.3 sounds like a radio station’s number on the turn dial; however this number represents the highest fever I’ve ever had. With a fever that has come and gone for 3 consecutive days and chills beyond belief, I thought of Fred Sanford’s “this is it, I’m coming Ester”. Lucky for me I had plenty of Advil and an Uncle who can write prescriptions any time of the day. Aspirin didn’t work, Tylenol failed, but Advil/Ibuprofen temporarily saved the day. Similar to Chris Rock’s miracle “Tussin”, I’m a heavy advocate of Ibuprofen….. and duck tape (which can fix anything… including deep cuts, housing construction, and airplane wings).