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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Who Needs Property Laws?

I assume France has ambiguous property laws. After class I let my landlord show a prospective tenant our place. When I say our place, I’m speaking of 2 fellow Pepperdine classmates, one of which has just recently returned home for personal reasons. So upon completion of the viewing (which didn’t take long), I asked the perspective tenant what she thought of the place. She responded, “I like it a lot. I’ll see you tomorrow or at least by Saturday”. So I’m thinking to myself great she likes it….wait dumb-ass, she shouldn’t be moving in, the friend that left 4 days ago had already paid in full for the month of December. Not to mention a small 3 person apartment is nice with just 2 people, and that your parents are planning on spending the night at your apartment when they come into town for a few days. This will not work…I hate her already. So I assume that in this country, or particularly among the MARSEILLAIS, a contract does not represent a form of ownership. As a protest, in just cause for my former roommate, I will try to avoid paying rent for my final month.