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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Haircut Responses

Due to all the creative responses that I've received on my haircut, I thought it would only be fitting to share them. Enjoy...

HAHA… he has made you look like a Marine from the 1940’s!! Maybe WWII is his only reference point for Americans...
Geoffrey Mull

That is hilarious -- Too funny -- Didn't you notice him scalping your head
-- Did you ask for a refund and then throw chocolate mousse at him.
Dimitri Economou

I could have done that with the clippers!
Sanjiv Gajiwala

I think that you look a little like a terrorist or maybe a "freedom" fighter....
Can you blame him? Maybe you got a "freedom" haircut instead of a "french" haircut
Maureen Henry

It is going on my web page
Rogge Heflin

...Ben oui, je pense que ta raison... Ton coiffeur apparement n'apprecie que tres peu Mr. Bush.
Christopher Seinecke

Man, that looks like a Scott Grabus original...
James Deriu

Just buy a beret. Now you know why the French wear them.
Paul Koether

Nick, I glad you did not tell him to cut it short. You would be bald or missing top of your head--Joel