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Monday, August 29, 2005

Finding Reality

Upon my return to my family and friends I found myself in situations of great comfort and happiness. For the first time in a VERY VERY VERY LONG TIME I was able to put aside my problems and little responsibilities such as an income and a professional career (being facetious). It was nice being blinding drunk laughter, warmth, and comfort. I was feeling carefree as if I won my own personal lottery with the ability to erase all responsibilities with a single check.

Ahhh silly Nick, how nice it would be to live in a bubble. Good bye Idealism, Adios Romantic, BIENVENUE REALITY. Back to Earth, I've fallen from cloud nine (or more so jumped). A "real boy" again!! ... returning to the realities and norms of our society. Hello cruel but ever so forgiving World ... time to give it the old college try and kick your mother f*#$ing ass.

Disclaimer: I felt that I needed to write this entry for myself. In reality not too many people should or will understand this entry and probably shouldn’t try. I would recommend reading a different blog entry.

Second Disclaimer: I haven't lost my mind. I'm still and always will be an optimist, romantic, and a rational idealist (haha).