The World Is My White Board

Location: Bmore for the Moment, Maryland, United States

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Alfred E. Newman.. "What Me Worry".

How lucky I am to be young. No strings, no worries, pockets full of debt but a full lifetime ahead. Creating a life, soaking up culture and experiences like a sponge... who could ask for anything more. Thank you to the peanut gallery for waking me up and making my day... (LS, SG, SG1a, Thank you!). Just like David Carradine in Kung-Fu walking the Earth and hoping to serve a purpose to better mankind. If one could see the world through my eyes, one would realize "I'm a real boy".

A Clear Day

Today surprisingly, the marine layer didn’t show up over West LA but it might as well of have been taking up the space inside my head. Aside from a few job related emails, a work out at the gym, and a quality conversation… my day was fairly unproductive. In the word of Charlie Brown, “Arrrrgggg”. I’m so anxious for work… damn I’m looking forward to a little routine. I’ve never been one for anything standard, stale, or dreary but this living out of a suitcase must come to an end. Oh boy… it sounds like this young man is staring to lose his mind. This is a good time to say thank you to all my friends, family, and loved ones for all your support. If not for you, this boy would be down and out. Okay, vent is over… be patient… be smart… and most importantly don’t stop "doing". There was once an old short green Jedi that made a living from saying things like "There is no try... there is only do". Hence "Don't Quit Doing".