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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Return of Bart Browne

I wrote this entry in an email which I got a lot of “fun” feedback from the recipients. I thought I would post this as an advertisement to Absinth and a deterrent for job hunting in France. Enjoy.

Ahh four more days with Bart Browne when he returned to Paris and I am pleases to report another nocturnal adventure. We passed our nights by partaking in cocktails, lounges, and a bottle of Absinth. Ah Absinth, a special vice unique to its own. Each swig offers an escape from truth. But with a repetition of swigs, one can create a state of dysfunctional reality that lasts for hours on end. One morning I awoke not knowing whether I went to sleep or not. "Previous to waking up", I had already seen myself wake up and go through my regular morning routines. Was I dreaming? I don't know. The nights were not a complete haze; we did manage to take part in the cultural experience of a French cabaret. The original Crazy Horse...and all I can say is that I wish I had a "season pass". However it's not too bad because the establishment is gracious enough to offer student discounts. Perhaps I will become a repeat customer.

The nights were fun but the days were worthlessly spent TRYING to respond to job postings in French (one day it took me an hour to compose an email, Yikes!) or walking around aimlessly with Bart Browne trying to clear our heads from the night before. Our most productive day was watching the League of Nations Rugby match at a bar. Sad but lots of fun. So now that Bart left, I must continue to internship hunt. Unfortunately I'm close to the point where I should be thinking of returning to the States. I would need to find an offer in the next two to three weeks or I'll be back in CA completing an internship while taking two classes at Pepperdine. I don't want to consider that as an option, but I can no longer afford to waste time or money in France. I'm also afraid that I will not be prepared to integrate back into the States culture. I'm almost sure that the integration would be followed by a stint of depression and regret. Anyway, hopefully all will work out in the next few weeks and only time will tell.