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Friday, September 30, 2005

Oktober Is Upon Us

One of the greatest times of the year is almost upon us. Baseball playoffs, NFL Sundays, and the warm days and cool nights of fall... does it get any better? This weekend should be very entertaining. I'm looking forward to playoff style baseball a few days early with the Yanks vs. Red Sox weekend. I'm salivating over the Yanks having the chance to eliminate the Bo Sox from the playoffs.... come on pinstripes!!! Take down those obnoxious chowder heads!!!

This weekend also happens to be the one-year anniversary of my first Oktoberfest. I will be spending Saturday reliving all of the memories with one of my dearest compadres Mr. S. Gajiwala at an Oktoberfest celebration. The party kicks off at 11am (an hour or two too late in my opinion) and should last all day with the patented "McNaley" feats of strength later in the day. I'm thinking of competing in the 155 weight division and, if I become so bold from the home brewery, I might try to compete with those in the higher weight divisions. Hopefully some of the debauchery will be captured for "Oktoberfest the Movie Part II, the LA Story" (only available on

Fortunately for me that Saturday is followed by Sunday and that the NFL will help me cope with a hangover. Oh thank you Grid Iron Meats for a full day of entertainment. I have a feeling that "some people" will only be able to leave the couch for the bathroom breaks and to open the door for the pizza man.

Does anyone want to make an adult diaper wager???