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Monday, May 01, 2006

The Pepsi Challege.

Hello Pepsi Bottling Group. Back to corporate America… oh what the hell was I thinking? Today was first day in a corporation since my departure of BNP Paribas June 10th 2005. I think I will prefer working in France where every day seemed to have a novelty touch. As like any first day of work I spent most of my day getting acquainted with my fellow co-workers and managers. My cube is in “voice vicinity” of my manager, my office is tucked away in a suburban office park with chain restaurants surrounding it, and my co-workers are sweet people with the typical water cooler talk. Oh how afraid I am that I’ll find myself in Office Space months from now. But on the flip side this is the first Monday I wasn’t dreading. Typically on Sunday nights I would become depressed and jealous of all the people who would be going to work who had regular jobs/routines.

Shit, party over. It has recetly occured to me that I just finished experiencing the most free time I’ll have until my retirement or death.

Will the true meaning of the Pepsi challenge become a way to keep work interesting? Stay Tuned.

Better start buying Lotto tickets. Anyone have any lucky numbers?