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Thursday, August 25, 2005

2nd Place on My Mind

Before the start of the 2005 Major League Baseball season I made a wager that the Orioles would finish in second place within the American East standing. My opponent... Sanjiv Gajiwala, a die hard Chicago Cubs fan and an avid baseball follower. The bet... an evening/early morning of fast food dining, winner's choice. I assume that the prize would be cashed in after an evening of consuming alcoholic beverages to ensure the maximum consumption and satisfaction of the fast food wager. It's also my hunch that the winner would choose Tommy's Cheeseburgers at Pico and Lincoln. Tommy's is open 24 hrs and it's always fun to eat chili smeared on burgers and cheese fries.

Anyway, so far the bet looks out of reach for yours truly. If anyone is familiar with the Orioles of the last 7 to 8 years you're wondering what the hell I was thinking when I made the wager. My downfall... I don't follow baseball and I put too much faith in the Baltimore Sun as an objective source of talent evaluation. I'll tell you that I was counting on two things... the runs scored output and a surprising young pitching staff. The hitting power is there but the pitching, obviously not the Oakland A's, never existed.

As of today the O's are 12.5 games out of first place and 9.5 out of second. Mr. Sanjiv Gajiwala this statement following is for you. "I like most democratic presidential nominees of our time (minus Al "Mr. Charismatic" Gore), concede. Felicitations!" I hope this streak of bad luck doesn't continue. I was thinking of opening an E-trade account for supplemental gambling before the start of football season but maybe I should stay away from purchasing stocks until I have a job.

ps. "Hot stock tips from the readers are appreciated under the comment section, I need a lucky break."