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Monday, September 12, 2005

Ravens Pride?

The opening to the 2005 Ravens' football season has answered the question of whether or not the offense has improved from the 2004 season. Answer... HELL NO! What the F*&K, you motherF%$#ers. You bastards lied! All the calming words of the Ravens' coaching staff... "We've made the necessary changes, we've moved in the right direction, we're not the same from a year ago"... Bullshit! You FU#@ERS LIED! (Although Kyle Boller didn't look too bad... for Trent Dilfer football)

Has there ever been a more dissapointing first game, probably not. Dropped balls, missed field goals, poor downfield blocking, and extremely poor offensive line play. I thought I was watching a bunch of first day Pop Warner kids learning how to pass block agaist a group of NFL Pro Bowlers. It was too embarassing to see John Ogden, "supposedly" one of the best offensive linemen in the NFL, consistantly get beat off the line each snap. Oh the pain... I'm sorry but it's too painful to continue. I believe Marlin Brando said it best in Apocolyps now, "The Horror...The Horror". Obviously one can't give up hope after the first game but how can a week of game film and practice eliminate so many mental and physical breakdowns. Call in the motivational speaker of Master Yoda, "there is no try, there is only do". I never thought I would be so thankful for a week 3 bye week.

A self Rambling

I've been feeling nauseous all morning knowing that change is almost here. I feel awful. Ah, but if life were ever so easy, I wouldn't know what life is. I've been here before... DC, California, Marseille, Paris, new job, grad school, return to the States... Ahhh (deep breath), I remember this feeling. Go, step forward. Regardless, pieces of my heart and soul stay behind, new feelings of comfort that can be rekindled upon site, sound, and smell. Welcome unexpected. Feeling fine.

To the peanut gallery: Sorry for the rambling. Don't try to read too into it.