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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A Short Pause

So I’ve not written recently... in fact I still need to finish my Super Bowl entry. I think I’ve been a little uninspired due to being down and out from not having an internship and that I’ve been sick since the day after the Super Bowl. The sickness is not because I stayed up without sleep for 4 to 5 days while partying with B. Browne, but rather due from talking to a bunch of Scottish guys during the Super Bowl. There was one in particular that had the habit of spitting while using his thick accent. He also happened to be talking to my friend Kristine and me while we were eating. Probably the Scottish germs on our Mozzarella sticks were the culprit that plagued us both. Anyway, the problem is that I keep having friends come into town which continues to cause relapses each time I go out. I will take it easy yet again this weekend and hope my body can find its own cure. Ciao.