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Friday, March 03, 2006

The Weekend That Will Not Say Goodbye

Oh the pain of throwing a kick ass bachelor party. A good time was had by all when B.B. had his official send off to marriage. Ah the bachelor party, one last semi-acceptable event that ensures a great time at a “sausage” party. Being in our late twenties to early thirties we concentrated on drinking and bar crawls rather than emphasizing the ladies of the night. After all, how much time can one be at a strip club foolishly paying for the attention from the opposite sex? Hey don’t get me wrong…. Of course there were strippers. The bachelor in no way wanted to deny the ritual of semi-naked women performing acrobatics on 30 foot poles (Very High, Very Dangerous, Lawsuit-esque poles).

What reasons do men need to reserve two days of drinking before noon and obnoxiously screaming 5am, 5am, 5am, until the keg is gone. Bachelor Party!

But the pain that follows the preceeding Sunday is quite dangerous if your time is wastefully spent on daily activities rather than sleeping. Sleep as much as possible the Sunday proceeding. Do not choose to follow my mistake by staying up until your regularly scheduled bedtime in hopes that you can function on your regular Monday schedule.

I have been hurting since Monday. First the hangover which led into a cold and then transitioned into chills and fever. What an awful mistake.

A link to obnoxious footage coming soon!