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Sunday, January 02, 2005

French Education

A letter to my "favorite administrator that sums up my feelings towards my academic experience at EUROMED MARSEILLE. I enjoyed writing this letter. In fact sometimes I'm amazed at how much I enjoy writing about things I detest. Anyway, enjoy:

It is with a strong feeling of disappointment that I am compelled to write this letter. Since my arrival at EuroMed Marseille I have been disappointed in various ways. For example, the French student’s lack of dedication to learning, the lack of communication between the students and faculty, and the biggest disappointment of all, was the general low degree of instruction. I do not know if you are aware that the EuroMed MBA program did not start until November. As a result, the MIB students were registered in undergraduate courses. The titles of the courses are called "Master Level I and II", which resemble undergraduate Senior level courses. Unfortunately, we did not realize the situation until 3 classes into the semester, 1/3 towards completion.
I understand that a study abroad experience provides many opportunities; however as an MIB student one only has the final semester to take electives (except for a 7 week course in the Summer Semester). I am disappointed that my elective opportunity was wasted within an insufficient program. By enrolling in the MIB program I expected to receive a comparable level of education abroad rather than a remedial curriculum. To promote EUROMED as offering courses that are applicable towards an MBA I think is a disservice to your program. I would encourage you to gain a more thorough understanding of the foreign institution before forming an exchange partnership. To send MBA students to EuroMed is unreasonable, and certainly for the amount spent on Pepperdine tuition. Thus, I am truly dissatisfied with my EuroMed Marseille experience and regret choosing it as a partner institution. I would encourage you re-evaluate your partnership agreement or at least try ensure a student’s placement within comparable course.
Nick Nopulos