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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The Cursed Fx…How I Despise Thee

“Ouch” is what I’ve said everyday when rising out of bed. Not because my bed is a cheap futon from IKEA, but because I’m getting poorer and poorer each day. What am I talking about….my diminishing purchasing power as a US citizen living in Europe. Everyday I wake up thinking wow how much more money can I possibly lose. Did you know if I brought all my US dollars from the states and converted them into Euros, I would have accumulated approximately 2,400 dollars in 4 months. Quite impressive I must say. Think about what I’ve lost in foreign exchange. I really hope the GNP numbers are worth it…Bush you jackass. The Europeans are starting to sweat it along with every country that has its currency pegged to the dollar. When the EU starts weakening its dollar, that’s when I’ll crack open a beer and smile. Until then I’ll drink wine (wine is a cheaper than beer, much more fitting for my weak dollar). As for the time being, I still need to find that internship that pays Euros!