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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Off Season Snooze

Finally with NFL free agency upon us, the non-cap heavy teams are making news by signing the salary cap casualties. Well almost every team is making news. It seems to me that if the Ravens have a plan, it must be similar to Isah Thomas' Stevie Franchise and Starberry decision criteria. I've got an idea… lets let our defensive line priorities sign with other teams and bring in older talent who are on the down slope of their career. And while we're at it, let's sign two running backs, especially one who had major issues splitting time in the backfield. But the question of the off season is where's the Quarterback? The 2 major names, Culpepper and Breeze, have already signed with other teams, Kitna has gone to the lions, and other tier 2 quarterbacks are in talks with teams other than the Ravens. SAY IT AIN'T SO OZZIE, PLEASE NO MORE BOLLER!