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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Say It Ain't So!

Oh malicious vermin who break my heart. This was supposed to be the month of months, the highlight of July, the one thing I've been looking forward to since the start of the cycling season... We spectators would have been treated to the Ultimate Tour De France, a wide open field and epic battles between teams and their 5 to 6 tour contenders.

Ivan Basso say it ain't so. I was looking forward to your solo attacks in the mountains and to see if your time trialing has improved to Ulrich levels. And Poor Jan... not able to get your opportunity when this year's Tour suits your time trialing strengths. Oh the disappointment and the tragedy.

Must we wait until next year to see one of the more exciting Tours if this these allegations are false? If not, and the good doctor treated you both with tainted blood, for shame. Oh what shame you have caused the sport and everyone who believed in you.

My new version of the podium... (Two Strong teams with two strong contenders and a Spanish Climber who, if he brought his time trialing game will win the whole thing.)

1. Floyd Landis

2. Levi Leipheimer

3. Alejandro Valverde

4. George Hincapie

5. Andreas Kloden