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Sunday, January 09, 2005

From Roads to Rues

After a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with

the Swiss family, I made my way to Paris. After
carrying way too much stuff on two train rides and a
taxi, I landed somewhere in the 11th district near
Place Voltare. Now I know if my business career fails
I can always find work as a Sherpa. I’m fortunate to
be staying at a friend’s place for a few days while I
find an internship and a place of my own. It was last
Thursday when I was on my way to a final meeting with
an investment management firm to discuss the final
terms of an internship when my “almost manager”
informed me that due to requests from new executive
management, all new projects would be on hold and that
I wouldn’t be able to start until March or April. The
internship was within a new research and distribution
division; hence I was being put on hold. Sigh… so

Although I have no job, real place to live (need to
move out soon due to a new roommate coming in a week),
and no real income, it could be worse… I could be
somewhere other than Paris. In the one week I’ve been
here, I believe that my short time in Paris has erased
all the hardships and frustrations inflicted by the
cultural emergence experiences.
I cannot accurately express the variety of emotions
and the level of contentment that I experience each
waking day. I truly look forward to finding an
internship in order to prolong my stay. All is well
(at least until the next run in with an administrative