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Location: Bmore for the Moment, Maryland, United States

Monday, February 28, 2005

The Hills Are Alive

Back in Switzerland yet again. It’s good to clear my head from the sounds and smells of Paris. I appreciate the sense of relaxation I feel when I’m here. For those of you who are unfamiliar, I’m staying at my uncle’s house in a quite little mountain town about 3/4th up (something you would picture when thinking of the typical Swiss mountain town). It’s high enough that you start to think you’re in a plane looking at the cars which resemble ants crawling across the valley. It’s so great not to hear a man made sound. In fact as I went running on one of the snow trails I couldn’t hear a man made sound. It was perfect, just what I needed after 2 months of uneventful internship searching. What I even appreciate more is that I’m able to sleep in a real bed rather than an air mattress which I’ve been fortunate to call a bed for the last two months off and on. So I’ll enjoy this moment for as long as I possibly can. I’ll be returning to Paris soon hopefully to an interview with BNP or to catch a plane to the UAE or back to the States. Regardless of what happens and despite all the hardships bestowed by France and its government, I’m just one man living a dream.

The Peter Faulk, The New Jerry Lewis…

I was somewhere in the metro leaving the theater district when I saw the billboards of all billboards, an advertisement of “Columbo” the play. Yes it appears that the French have moved on from their days of the Great Jerry Lewis and found a new entertainment idol in the unorthodox and bumbling detective. Is this a bit weird to anyone else, Columbo the play? Paris, a cultural center and nucleus of fine art, is running Colombo the play. Fortunately for the ordinary serf who does not frequent the theater, Columo re-airings can be seen at least twice a week on one of France’s five TV stations. As for me, I’m a Colombo fan. So if the price is right, I might be able to tell you if Columbo receives one standing ovation or two.